Lorraine R. McLees

Lorraine is an artist at Bungie Studios, and is responsible for such masterpieces as this. You can find lots more information on her website.

Frieda Christofides

Frieda, a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, is a freelance graphic designer and production person. She is neither a gamer nor a Bungie fan, but as a wife of a Bungie fan, her contribution is incalculable. Her patience and understanding of her husband's hobby is never paid back in full. We are grateful for her help.

Ian McConville

Ian is a college student with one hell of a talent. You can find a good deal of his work at MacHall.

Miguel Chavez

Miguel Chavez is someone who feels blessed to have been involved in this contest. A long time discriminating Bungie fan, he is part of the mature Bungie fan vanguard. He has had many lucid dreams of walking the pre-fabricated hills and precisely manufactured sandy beaches of Halo.

Claude Errera

Claude has no art training whatsoever, and only got in on this sweet deal because he was willing to put up the webspace (and some of the prize money) to make it happen. He's pretty excited to be around all this talent.